The ‘female’ tree

The ‘female’ tree

I spotted a tree I was attracted to when I was determining the trailhead of my Shinrin Yoku walk. Of course this was after I asked permission from the trees around to lend me their wisdom and understanding of their more-than-human world. This particular tree had so much energy force emanating from it.

And what’s interesting was what I felt during the entire 15 minutes that I spent with it. But before I go further, here’s a short introduction to this tree. It is called Pokok Tembusu in Malay. Its botanical name is Fragraea fragran. It’s a tree native to Southeast Asia and it has a fissured bark – meaning its bark looks rough and has splits that are deep. It is about 25 – 30 metres tall and its leaves are oval in shape.

I was standing underneath it and I felt so much wealth of knowledge. I can’t really tell what kind of knowledge but I know the energy was immense. It had like a strong and sturdy feeling. And I can tell it has more feminine energy to it.

I circled around it and just opened myself to it. I felt so supported. It feels like she’s talking to me. She’s telling me to just BE. So I let myself be in her presence as I kept walking around her, checking her out like she’s the most magnificent being on earth. I was in awe. I kept looking up to her. Occasionally, I’d stare down at her roots. But most of the time, my gaze was up.

And what’s really amazing is that you can ask her anything and she’ll never judge you. You don’t have to look or feel stupid. She’s there to listen to you. That’s all.

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