About Me

A little bit about the Shinrin Yoku Guide

She is on a quest to be the storyteller for Mother Nature. She is a Shinrin Yoku guide and the voice behind Dialogue With Nature (facebook.com/DialogueWithNature/)

During the guided walk, she’ll open up all your senses so you can receive the forest’s energy in full openness of heart, body, mind and soul.
See trees in a new light. Hear how the leaves rustle in their playfulness. Feel the gentleness of the flowing stream. Taste the breeze in the forest. Come alive with nature’s liveliness when she guides you as you walk or wander among the trees.

Forest bathing with her is a wonder each time. Come as you are; with or without the baggage of your world. But once the forest bathing session begins, she’ll take you to the depths of the natural world you never knew existed. And you’ll soon discover another world in nature that is untapped by human consciousness. This natural world acts like an unlimited holding space for those seeking answers to questions in life; it also heals you from deep within and never asks for anything in return except for your respect and kindness.

Take a walk with her and discover the healing and therapeutic benefits of Shinrin Yoku.