Noticing plant energies

Noticing plant energies


As I kept practicing the assignments on myself, I’m beginning to feel that I’ve been more immersed in energies from plants.

As a Yasei Shinrin Yoku Guide in training, I’m sorting and sifting energies and vibration when I’m in or around nature.

Recently, I was at friend’s house and we were talking about her moving furniture around her new apartment. She had some pots of plants at a certain corner of the living room. I immediately noticed one plant that looked a bit odd. Well to be honest, it felt to me that IT felt odd to be where it was placed in the living room.

So I told my friend that the plant didn’t feel happy being put there. So we shifted some stuff around and we found a place for it. And soon after we moved it to a new space, I could feel how comfortable the plant felt. She felt it too.

It was a moment of realisation for me. The assignments I did helped and now I’m tempted to look for more eco-zones and more jungles around me to feel more trees and plants’ energies. I’m not sure if I’m just addicted to them, but it felt so good to just be around trees and plants. I felt so at home and so comforted — as if nothing bad can happen to me.

I think I’ve found my purpose for being so sensitive to surroundings.

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