Healing in the forest

Healing in the forest

Sometimes the Universe works in mysterious ways, especially when it wants me to go to nature more often.

I was feeling a bit out of whack in the past few days last week and thought that I ought to go to the jungle to heal myself. Out of nowhere, a friend whom I haven’t been seeing for quite some time texted me and showed me a blueprint of her life and an image of her Divine. And I thought to myself, “Hmmmm… could this be a sign for coffee?” So I heeded the sign and we had an amazing and meaningful conversation. I was glad we met up. It opened up a part in me that I knew I needed to clear. 

And without hesitation, I asked her if she was willing to be healed by nature’s pure energy (since she was going through some searching herself). She immediately said yes. So I went home and went through my cards and picked out healing exercises that I could conduct on her the very next morning.

We did several exercises and I was glad that she told me about her experiences during those exercises. It’s interesting when a client discovers a few things (revelations, realisations, etc) on their own because you just let the trees and plants do the work on them. I felt like I should do this more on more people – imagine the impact it could have on everyone’s well-being?! Then people would understand the power of nature and would want to protect instead of destroying it for worldly gains. 

What really amazed me was that my friend finally understood that nature comes in different forms of energy. And the fact that the trees silenced her thoughts was enough to let me know that nature is indeed a healer in so many ways. I found this out through an exercise called “Conversation with a tree”. This is a powerful exercise and I’ve done it several times and I can understand why they say the forest is the therapist and I’m just the guide. 

Another exercise I did on my friend was called the “Embody the stone”. I was surprised that my friend got to know that stones change colour when you’re in contact with them for some period of time. And because this is a closed-eye exercise, it was an exercise of embodiment and being one with everything. As she embodied the stone from the heart to the rest of her physical body, she connected with the stone and it revealed to her at the end with a change of colour – from brown to green (as what she had claimed to see and perceive). This tells me that there has been a shift of perspective and it came from within her being. So wouldn’t you agree that your inner world reflects your outer world?

It’s now 3 days since the Shinrin Yoku therapy, and she told me that she felt peaceful the next day and she didn’t feel like she got sucked into negative thoughts or life patterns. And it lasted for 2 days. I’m wondering if she’s still feeling the healing effects of Shinrin Yoku. 

What really touched me was the feedback I got. She posted on her FB page and I was thankful and grateful that I made a difference in someone’s life through nature. This is like a dream come true. Thank you, nature. You are truly magnificent. I will devote my life to spread this awareness and appreciate your healing powers. 

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