What is Forest Bathing

Forest bathing or originally known as Shinrin Yoku has been the around since the 1980s. Its origin can be traced back to Japan as its people and culture have always respected and honoured the harmonious relationship between human and nature.

Hence it’s only human nature to always be one with the natural world, to enjoy its benefits, to play in it, to have fun and re-connect. After all, we are all inherently connected the the Earth, one way or another.

To learn more about what forest bathing is, watch the YouTube video I have prepared and there are some exercises in there which might benefit you whenever you’re out in nature or just standing beside a tree.

Try Forest Bathing On Your Own

Want to try a short session by yourself? You can download the PDF below. I’ve included further instructions on how you can get started on your own or with your friends the next time you’re at the park or in the jungle. Happy Forest Bathing!

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